Here are some of our tips to get your CV noticed

Getting your CV to be read is one of the most important parts of the recruitment process. Organisations receive hundreds of applications and your CV is what is going to make you stand out from the masses.

Some studies have estimated that the average time employers spend reviewing CV’s is just 9 seconds. Therefore it is important that the basics of your CV stand out and keep the employer engaged so they read on.

It sounds simple that your CV should be human and full of passion that showcases your personality. Unfortunately many CVs appear to have been written by robots following a standard template that employers can see from a mile off. Write your CV in the first person and avoid buzz words like ‘team-player’ and ‘results-driven’, instead use your personal achievements demonstrate that you have these qualities.

Keywords really do play a part in being noticed by recruiters and hiring managers who often scroll through databases to find candidates that fit their keyword criteria. CVs containing more of their keyword criteria will be pushed higher on the results section. It is important not to list keywords but incorporate these into sentences where they add substance to what you are saying.

Some may see this as time consuming and unnecessary, however in competitive job markets it is crucial that you tailor your CV to the job description set out by the employer. You can work your way through the job description and update your CV to touch upon everything they are seeking in a successful candidate. It is important not to lie on your CV and tailor your skills and work experience to relevant areas.

Results truly do matter and organisations will be seeking individuals with proven success in their CVs, any proven results that relates to the job description or what they are looking for will make your CV stand out instantly. Whenever you talk about your results and achievements it is always important to note what skills and attributes helped you reach your end goal.

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